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If you join Fansly you have the option to pick from a bunch of different supporter tiers, each giving increasing extra rewards.
*** Onlyfans does NOT have an option to make tiers but you can tip for the same extras.
  • View all videos & pictures posted
  • Download all videos and pictures from Dropbox
  • Vote on what type of content I make
  • All previous rewards plus:
  • Slow-mo videos from shoots
  • BTS Content:
  • - Getting ready for shoot
  • - After the scene
  • - Trying on new outfits and clothes
Extra Special
  • All previous rewards plus:
  • Custom pics each month in a pose of your choosing
Fuck Buddy
  • All previous rewards plus:
  • Custom voice message on video each month
  • My Kik username to talk to me whenever you want

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VIP tier and above can vote on which content is posted from anything that’s filmed.


The content set that gets the most votes will be posted and all others can be voted on next time, along with any new shoots that are filmed.